Sunday, February 2, 2014

Reflection: Technology 101

Whereas the Introduction to Blended and Online Learning course gave me a lot of tools to use in the classroom, Technology Integration 101 has been the perfect course for me to take my first year as technology integration specialist.  This course has provided many eye-opening articles and discussions that have given me valuable information to take back to my corporation.

The Special Circumstances module gave me the opportunity to look at the challenges that substitute teachers face in our 1:1 settings and guided me toward creating an informative handout to put in our substitute teacher folders.  I will also be sure to continue the discussion with elementary teachers this spring as they prepare to go 1:1 next year.

I was also excited to be exposed to the Technology Integration Matrix rubrics.  These couldn't have come at a better time!  Between the discussions that I am continuously having with principals as they try to find a way to voice their expectations to teachers and the continued focus on RISE and teacher evaluations, these rubrics spell out clearly what true technology integration looks like.  If we are going to expect teachers to do it, we have to be able to tell them what "it" is exactly.  These rubrics will definitely come in handy during those discussions.

Finally, the project focus on Stakeholders is a very authentic assessment idea.  Although I am struggling with what I want that final project to be exactly, it is the perfect assignment to help me put what I've learned together and use it to bring others on board.

Once again, I feel like this course has helped me shape my own philosophy of technology integration and given me the tools to guide others toward defining their own philosophy.