Monday, October 7, 2013

Tech Integration 101 - Pre-course Reflections

     A LOT of changes have taken place in my career since I finished the Blended and Online Learning course that I took last spring, all stemming from my switch from classroom teacher to integration specialist.  Now, more than ever, I need a forum that will not only introduce me to new ideas, but encourage me to put them to use along the way.  If the previous course is any indication, this course will do just that.
     Overall, I most excited about taking this course from a different point of view.  Each of the modules I was assigned the last time were completed through the eyes of a teacher.  I was constantly considering how I would implement each tool in a 7th grade language arts classroom.  This time around, I will definitely have to broaden my connections.  I'll need to be able to look at each tool and not only decide how the tool can be used, but also for what subjects and grade levels it might be most appropriate.  Now I'll be looking at each idea through the eyes of every teacher in our corporation - enthusiast or critic, math or language arts, preschool or AP chemistry.  What a challenge!
     I feel like 21 years in the classroom has given me something to bring to the table.  I'm pretty good at managing a classroom with any tools, including technology.  I've taught all basic subjects in both middle school and elementary self-contained classrooms, in three different grade levels, so I feel that I know enough about the pedagogy that works in a variety of settings.  I recently completed MBC coach's training (with other's in the group) and have a pretty strong understanding of how to do most of the basics.
     During this course, I hope to:

1.  broaden my perspective on what it truly means to integrate technology
2.  find ways to turn critics into enthusiasts...or at least get them to try something new
3.  walk away with some new ideas/tools to share with my colleagues
4.  add to my PLN
5.  try something new
6.  solidify my purpose as a TIS

     Let's get started!

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